Are Mobile Apps Worth the Investment?

Things to Consider. Posted on Tuesday, September 22 in Building Your Brand.

Consumer demand for mobile apps is insatiable with both the number of app users and their daily time spent growing rapidly.  Yet it’s harder than ever for apps to get noticed and even more difficult to keep users coming back once the apps have been downloaded.*

With 2.5 million existing apps and more than 1,600 apps making their debuts daily, is it worth the investment and time to try and compete in this crowded arena?  Is it right for your business?  What are the alternatives?

Here are some things to consider.

Is it offering something unique?

What is exceptional about your app? How will you make your app stand out among the already existing apps in this crowded market space? Are you offering something users want to learn about or use?

Is it worth the cost of creating?

In addition to the upfront cost of app design and development, the back-end content management system must be managed in order to stay fresh and relevant. Take into consideration the staffing and time needed to maintain the app.

How will I market it?  

Making sure an app has good visibility in the app stores is a significant challenge to marketers. (ASO) App store optimization is an important discipline. Paid and organic tactics and paid install campaigns are necessary to increase discovery, downloads and repeat users.

What are the alternatives?   

Before deciding to invest in an app, take an inventory of your business’ current digital presence and strategy. Make sure you have the fundamental aspects of your digital presence maximized - including your website, (SEO) PPC campaigns, email marketing and your mobile presence.  If you are confident and ready to take the next step into app development be sure to hire a professional to give your customers the best user experience.

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