Digital Marketing Minute Week of October 16

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Pay-TV is currently on pace to set an ominous record: the largest loss of subscribers in one year. 

More and more American households are “cutting the cord.”  For anyone who is not familiar with the term, “cord cutting” refers to discontinuing service from cable or satellite TV providers such as Comcast or DirectTV. 

Surprising to some is that Millennials are not leading this trend.  Generation X is heavily involved: the average age for “cord cutters” is 43, which makes up 8% of the U.S. population (Main, 2017).    

Even worse for the industry are “cord nevers.” As the name implies, this group of consumers has never had any type of Pay-TV service.  Instead, they and their influencers rely on steaming video and social media for news and entertainment.

“Cord nevers” make up 9% of all U.S. consumers, and consist of Generation Z and Millennials with an average age of 34 (Main, 2017). 

In order to keep up with the evolving consumer, advertisers need to understand these trends and adjust their channel strategy to include streaming video and social networks.  Follow the links below for more information.

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Pay-TV Companies are in Crisis Mode
Scott Moritz and Gerry Smith l Bloomberg Technology
October 12, 2017

Understand the current state and future of Pay-TV to help you better invest your marketing dollars in this evolving landscape.








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This Study Reveals How Cord Cutters’ and Cord Nevers’ TV Preferences Differ
Sami Main | AdWeek
April 24, 2017

Pay-TV’s newest problem: Cord Nevers.

Learn how Generation Z and Millennials perceive television and streaming as a service.

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The Streaming Generations’ Present New Challenges for M&E Marketers
Giselle Abramovich |
April 24, 2017

Today’s connected consumers are disrupting the media and entertainment industry.

  • Nearly 60% of Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X subscribe to at least one paid streaming video service.
  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of U.S. consumers and nearly 90% of Millennials and Gen Z have binge-watched video content.
  • Deloitte found that social media is incredibly important to Gen Z and Millennials for deciding what content they want to consume.

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