Digital Marketing Minute Week of December 4

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, December 4 in Making Your Marketing Work.

8 Digital Marketing Trends Set to Expire by 2018

Jasz Joseph | Hub Spot

When it comes to marketing tactics, unfortunately there is no "Best if Used By" dates. But that doesn't mean what worked last year -- or even last week -- will work today. In fact, some of the most popular digital marketing trends have reached the end of their shelf life and are well beyond their expiration dates. 

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How to Tell if Your Facebook Campaign Was Actually Worth It

Bethany Cartwright | Hub Spot

With such a large portion of the world using Facebook, marketers everywhere know Facebook is an ideal place to reach and engage new audiences.

But if you’re ready to start putting budget behind your Facebook advertising strategy, it’s important to fully understand how your ads efforts affect your business’ bottom line. Otherwise, how else do you justify your ad spend?

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How to Understand Facebook Insights for Social Video

Nick Carney | Hub Spot

Facebook's metrics panel that tells you anything and everything you'd want to know about how your videos are performing on the platform. In this post, I'll take you through why you should be creating videos for Facebook (if you aren't already), what the different metrics mean in Facebook Insights, and which five metrics are the most important to measure.

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