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Is it time to start selling online? Posted on Monday, October 16 in Increasing Sales.

Nearly 70% of Americans buy alcohol on a regular basis, with 12% reporting they have purchased alcohol online recently (within six months), according to a recent survey by The Harris Poll. This may only represent a fraction of overall sales, but the trajectory of online sales looks promising. The majority of online buyers expect to purchase even more alcohol online over the course of the next year, and 11% of in-store buyers expect to try online shopping for alcohol within the year.

Who is buying online?

Relative to who purchase their alcohol exclusively in-store, online shoppers are younger, more male, more affluent, and more urban.

What are they buying?

You may assume because the majority of online shoppers are young, urban men their tastes skew towards beer. While they may be consuming beer, among recent online purchases, wine dominates with 42% of sales. Liquor or spirits follow, included in 35% of sales and beer lags at 29% of sales (sales may include multiple purchases).

Ready to start selling?

If you’re considering adding e-commerce / m-commerce functionality to your website and business model, be sure to start with an exploration of regulations—several states prohibit shipping, and if you open your business up for online sales, you may attract non-local shoppers. Be ready to accommodate on-site pick-up, too, as half of online buyers choose to pick up their purchases in store.

We can help!

Finally, if you invest in a digital storefront, advertise it! We can help you build a comprehensive communications strategy to help folks learn about your offering and drive traffic to your store, both in person and online. Contact us today by clicking here or calling 334.262.1611 to learn more. We’re ready to help your business grow—and thrive!

Source: “One in Ten Alcohol Buyers Purchase Alcohol Online” The Harris Poll. Mar 2017.

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