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Bring them Back with Content Posted on Friday, September 15 in Increasing Sales.

With the start of the school year, it may seem like a good time to sit back and relax if you work for or run a summer camp. However, if you’re planning to coast into the new year, waiting until January to pick up with promotions, you may lose mindshare with customers, leaving room for the competition to fill in the gap.

Revive and Share Summer Memories

Summer camp is more than childcare; parents are investing in creating experiences and memories for their children. Content is a great way to remind parents of how fulfilling and memorable summers at your camp are—you can also position your programs to increase enrollment.

Blogs – If you haven’t been blogging the summer away, now is the time to capture the magic of day-to-day life, special events, outings, and celebrations. But you’ll also want to balance that out with posts informing your audience about the benefits of camps in general and programs like yours. The goal is to demonstrate that camps provide valuable services that are beneficial to children.

Reviews & Testimonials – No business is at a loss for words when it comes to touting its products and services. That’s why consumers want to hear from customers. Featuring reviews and testimonials on your website will help prospects decide to enroll their children at your camp. You can solicit these (and gain valuable feedback) by putting out customer surveys. And remember to gain consent before using customer names.

Branded Content – Remember those blog posts that educate parents about the benefits of summer camp programs? While they’re a great addition to your website, they may not capture the attention of your target audience, especially prospective customers. Branded content allows you to leverage a publisher’s engaged audience to increase exposure.

Social Media – Sure, posting on social channels can drive traffic to the content on your website, but it can also house content, as well. Don’t think in terms of long-form posts (just post a link), instead use visuals and quick, pithy posts. Pictures from the summer are a great way to showcase what camp is all about: enjoyment.

Email – Yes, email. If you have bandwidth and are organized enough, you can send parents pictures of their own children having a great time at your camp. This is will give families a keepsake to cherish, giving parents a view into their child’s camp experience. It will also increase the likelihood of repeat business.

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