Five tips for a Balanced Media Mix

Does your media mix reach the right audiences? Posted on Wednesday, January 20 in Making Your Marketing Work.

Your media mix isn’t about budget—it’s about balance. Your integrated campaigns may include a combination of print, digital, direct mail, email, social, search, and more. And where you devote your marketing budget should be determined by your target audience and the best ways to reach them.

1. Traditional marketing reaches older consumers: If you’re trying to reach Boomers, you may want to consider investing in print, television, out of home, and radio.

2. Digital and social reaches younger consumers: When Gen Xers and Millennials are your target, digital ads, search marketing, and a social presence may make the most sense.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix it up: There is no one channel to reach any generation. The key is to pick a diverse mix of tactics to form an integrated approach.

4. Align your message with the medium: What works in print might not for digital. The content of your message is as important as where you put it.

5. The right mix can make the sale: It’s not all about reach—timing matters, too. Try to align your tactics with the different buying stages.

Are you ready to balance your media mix? Learn more about benefits of mediums from the traditional to the digital.

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