Native Advertising: What You Need to Know

Do you know how to get your message to stand out while blending in? Posted on Wednesday, November 11 in Breaking Through the Clutter.

Native advertising combines form and function, allowing your message to blend in with the surrounding content. This makes your ads feel less intrusive, increasing the likelihood that your target customers will engage. This form of advertising is about finding the sweet spot, rising above other advertising noise.

Three Types of Native Advertising

All native advertising is not alike; there are three different types:

  • Look Like: These ads resemble the content your target customers are looking for, but when they click on a link, they’re taken to your website.
  • Be Like: These ads take on the format, but don’t match the content surrounding it.
  • Act Like: Also known as advertorials, this is the most effective type of native advertising. It feels like the surrounding content, adding to your target customer’s experience because the information is more relevant.

More engaging for consumers

The use of native advertising is expected to grow. That’s not surprising when you consider how much more engaged audiences are with native when compared to other forms of advertising. Native ads provide a higher lift for brand affinity and purchase intent than traditional display ads.

Native advertising has a range of flexibility in content. The sheer amount of real estate and natural integration into site layouts create an attractive platform for educating target segments on not-so-easily-communicated topics and for showcasing existing content.

The best and most desirable native advertising is topically engaging and high quality.

Native advertising allows you to:

  • Tap into the engaged audiences of trusted, creditable news and media brands.
  • Drive awareness and engagement with relevant, topic-based content.
  • Position your brand as an expert in your field.

It’s most effective when you:

  • Make it informative.
  • Meet your target consumers’ needs.
  • Clearly and carefully label the content as sponsored or as an advertisement.

We can help you reach your audience

So, what’s in it for you? Native Advertising offers an engaged, targeted audience, the credibility of the associated brand, and an association with top-quality, professionally produced content.

We can help you create valuable ads for your target customers as well as deliver the means and audience to get your message heard. Contact us online today or call 334.261.1553 so we can start the conversation.

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