Six Big Days to Bring in Local Holiday Shoppers

It’s not all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are four more days that can help you increase sales this holiday season. Posted on Wednesday, October 28 in Increasing Sales.

When local businesses plan their sales and promotional budgets for the holiday season, they typically focus on the two largest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Though Black Friday holds the top spot, there are several other special shopping days that can help increase sales throughout the holiday season.

Focus more on the local play than on the biggest days.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to capture the lion’s share of holiday sales, however, big shopping days aren’t so big anymore. In 2014, foot traffic in stores was down 5% with overall sales down 11% (1). And, trending aside, these sales days tend to be dominated by national brands. That’s why it’s a good idea for local businesses to focus on less-congested peak days where smaller merchants can generate a larger share locally.  

Gray Thursday: Thanksgiving is now a shopping day in its own right.

When: November 26, 2015

Why it matters: As more and more national, big box stores open on Thanksgiving, local businesses must be creative.

Gray Thursday is a great time to give special recognition and extend exclusive offers to your biggest and most loyal customers. And even if you can’t open your doors on Thanksgiving, you can start the dialog that gets them in the store on Black Friday. Get the jump on larger competitors by using scheduled social media posts, email marketing, blogs, and website content to sell to shoppers. Messages like these will let your customers know that you appreciate their business as they enjoy the holiday at home.

Black Friday: Still the biggest shopping day of the year.

When: November 27, 2015

Why it matters:  Over 50% of holiday shoppers were or plan to be in stores and online over Thanksgiving weekend.(2)
Don’t think of Black Friday as a one-day event, starting point, or the finish line. To build momentum and keep sales steady, you need to spread your holiday message and invest ad dollars across multiple days and marketing channels.

Small Business Saturday: When local businesses have a chance to win big.

When: November 28, 2015

Why it matters: In 2014, consumers spent a whopping $5.9 billion at locally owned stores and restaurants on Small Business Saturday. (3)
Small Business Saturday gives independent businesses the opportunity to stock one-of-a-kind items and distribute personalized offers that are tailored to the unique buying habits and preferences of their customers. With the help of American Express promotional dollars, you can also create once-a-year events that targets your customers with compelling, exclusive offers.

Cyber Monday: The biggest days for online shoppers (so, everyone).

When: November 30, 2015

Why it matters: Cyber Monday and beyond, online shopping is bigger than ever and continuing to grow. And it’s not just about computers—think mobile. comScore found that 21% percent of Black Friday online sales and 17% Cyber Monday sales came directly from mobile devices.

As the role of smartphones and tablets for holiday shopping continues to grow, you can’t overlook opportunities to boost sales during emerging prime periods for online shopping. Even if you don’t sell online, you can use digital marketing on Cyber Monday to make sales that can be completed at your brick-and-mortar location.

Giving Tuesday: Show that you give back locally.

When: December 1, 2015

Why it matters: Differentiate yourself from bigger competitors by showing the impact that your local business has on the local economy.

The idea is to have a day when Americans give back to others after the long weekend of spending. Giving Tuesday is a great day to focus your marketing efforts around telling your customers about the different ways your business is involved in and gives back to local community and charities. Local businesses can take this opportunity to partner with a non-profit or donate a portion of their daily sales to charity.

Green Monday: Not the green you think—it’s all about the cash!

When: December 14, 2015

Why it matters: Historically, the second Monday in December is the busiest shopping day of the month. While Green Monday sales don’t trump Cyber Monday’s, they do come pretty close.

The biggest difference between Green Monday and Cyber Monday is that consumers won’t be exposed to nearly as many deals. This makes Green Monday a great opportunity focus on the quality of your goods and services, increasing your visibility in a crowded marketplace.

Free Shipping Day: Get it to them free by Christmas Eve.

When: December 18, 2015

Why it matters:  In 2012, more than 2,600 retailers participated and saw more than $1 billion in online sales—making Free Shipping Day the third-busiest day for online shopping in the U.S.

Free shipping is a big draw for online shoppers. In fact, it’s a condition of purchase for many consumers. But don’t let the potential cost scare you away, shoppers tend to spend more when the shipping is free. So, offering and promoting free shipping is an inexpensive way to boost your average dollars per sale.

Super Saturday: Get in on that frantic, last-minute spending.

When: December 19, 2015

Why it matters: Promotions on this day typically attract thousands of last-minute shoppers.

The final Saturday before Christmas is the most popular of all the holiday shopping days in December. Super Saturday is a great time to capture last-minute shoppers who are in search of deeply discounted items for the holiday.

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